Fallen off the wagon already? Let’s get you back to a healthy routine.

I've fallen off a horse before. I get it. It's not fun, and I understand it's scary to get back on the horse in the fear that you'll just fall again.

Riding the health and fitness "horse" is a practice. You will fall again and again. You will have to learn to dust yourself off and get back to those healthy routines. Actually, the more you fall, the more you learn.

The practice of health is an ever evolving practice as you and your life change.
Ask yourself, how is my energy lately? What kind of emotions have I been experiencing lately? It's important to pause and consider these questions and journal your thoughts.

What excuses are holding your back? Seriously, I want to know, so please reply to this email, so I can help remind you of your power.

How am I going to help you get back into those healthy habits you ask? I am going to hold you accountable and give you resources to have the courage to take back your reins. I'll give you baby steps as to not get overwhelmed.

Please reply to this email with how things are going and how I can support you. I am filled with ideas that can get you back in the zone, so giddie up, let's go!

In health,



The day my underwear thanked me!

At the end of a hot yoga class with a smile on my face, I had this thought, “this commando thing is muy bueno!”

I don’t usually do hot yoga, but lately I’ve felt like it's something I could benefit from.

One day, I decided to check the yoga studio schedule that I teach at and try to find a hot class. To my surprise, there was one that started in twenty minutes. Hurriedly, I threw on some yoga pants, a sports bra, and a jacket. I think I showed up in my slippers that day.

When I got to the studio, I thought, “Oh no, I forgot to put on my workout undies! Oh well, no going back now.”

I did the practice feeling a little naked, but also feeling liberated. I was hoping she’d keep quiet and not make any unusual sounds.

She was a good girl.

At the end of class, I was grateful to leave my undies at home. It’s like I could hear my underwear speaking to each other in the drawer saying things like, “We dodged a bullet there!” or “I can’t take one more hot yoga class with this lady…this is underwear abuse!”

Post hot yoga underwear in the past hasn’t always made it back to the hamper for a clean fresh start, some have met their doom in the trash.

Another thought I had at the end of hot yoga class was, "My underwear does not deserve this type of abuse." In that moment, it was like I could hear all the undies in my drawer let out a big sigh of relief, "Phew!”

So I ask you dear reader, what in your life can you leave behind? What is that thing, whether tangible or not, that doesn’t deserve any more abuse from you?

Maybe it’s your self-doubt or your underwear, but it’s time to let go of what no longer serves you. There is no better time for you (and your underwear) to live your best life than right now.

If the resistance you are met with right now is physical neglect, consider checking out a yoga class or taking a long walk or giving yourself time each day to do nothing. If it’s mental neglect, call up a friend or watch something funny.

One more question: How will your life improve from leaving behind what no longer serves you?

I hope to see you in class or around town soon! Smell ya later!

Namastay in clean underwear or none at all,



What if the key to losing weight and feeling your best was just a matter of remembering your worth?

Could it be that easy? Just remembering your worth to get you to the body you always dreamed of? Well it’s a start!

If we are not appreciating who we are, how can we expect our bodies to perform at its best? It can’t!

The energy we hold about ourselves affects everything else in our lives. How we interact with others, and the world, has everything to do with how we feel about ourselves.

When we feel good about ourselves, we make better decisions about our habits and behavior. We start to become more concious about what we put in our bodies and the amount of exercise and movement we do.

So how do we create a better relationship with ourselves and know our value? It’s a process for sure! It’s something you practice each and every day. I believe it starts with become aware of our thoughts. Can you listen to your thoughts without attaching your worth to them. It is possible!

We can also ask others to share with us what positive attributes they see in us that perhaps we can’t see ourselves. We can meet our eyes in a mirror and start to have a curious conversation. You could start with the question, “when did I stop loving and caring for myself?”

Something I love to do for myself is dance in a mirror while touching my body and working on accepting myself and my body no matter where I am in life. It works and you can do it too!

The above steps above are not always easy. They take courage and bravery and a willingness to dive deep into the depths of your soul.

Before we get too deep into the soul, know that at times you will be met with darkness. The darkness is not bad, it’s like the dark loving womb where creation is made. If we can go about this journey without labeling our experience good or bad, we can discover things about ourselves we didn’t even realize. We can discover that how we have felt about ourselves is a mental programming we picked up from society and out families. Don’t use this as an excuse to judge them or be a victim, just realize we’re all just doing the best we can with the information we have.

I invite you to try out some of the ideas above or reach out to me and we can come up with some ideas together.

I can’t wait for you to love yourself more and know your worth, so you can start making the changing to living your best life in the body of your dreams!

Love you lots,



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